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How We Serve

The Blue Lotus Foundation focuses on eating disorder prevention through educational workshops and presentations. While our format is currently targeted for industry - specifically the modeling and fitness industries - it can be tailored to any group, of any size. Our evidence-based approach utilizes a variety of methods including mindfulness, media awareness education, and self-reflective practices. Everything we do is backed up by scientific data, although admittedly the research regarding ED prevention is scarce. Our educational program and workshops centers around four main goals:

1. Understand the influences leading to ED and body dysmorphia, and enhance awareness of these influences.

2. Provide educational information to support healing trauma that may contribute to development of ED. 

3.  Introduce clients to a nourishing way of eating and exercising that supports the body/mind/soul balance. 

4. Introduce practices of mindfulness to be used in daily life. 


We also draw on the research and mission of the following organizations:

National Eating Disorder Association

Project Heal

The Model Alliance

STRIPED at the Harvard School of Public Health

Nature Heals in Boulder, Colorado