The Blue Lotus Foundation

Everyone deserves

to feel at home

in their body.

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70 million people worldwide suffer from eating disorders.

Treatment exists, but there is inadequate focus on prevention.

 The Blue Lotus Foundation is changing that.

Youth today face unprecedented challenges towards developing a meaningful and loving relationship with their bodies. Through media imaging, social pressures, and family dynamics, children and youth are bombarded with subversive messaging, and unattainable ideals.


Our team recognizes the prevalence of eating disorders as a global health crisis, and we are responding with a call to action. We believe that extensive change originates with individuals, and that we have a responsibility in ensuring that our children and youth are empowered to the possibility of a restored mind-body relationship.


One of the strongest reference points to our sense of self is the physical body – when this relationship is in dis-ease, it prevents us from reaching our potential. When this relationship is in harmony, we are able to step into our unique and meaningful purpose.


Through tailor-made programs, presentations, and interactive workshops for all demographics, Blue Lotus provides modalities specific to the prevention of eating disorders.

We have a vision of a world filled with empowered, confident individuals who feel at home in their bodies.

We hope you’ll join us.